About us



Leadership Capital for Infrastructure Development

Ecotech is a commercially managed infrastructure development and investment company. Headquartered in Hanoi, it aims to stimulate greater private sector investment in infrastructure in Vietnam. Ecotech funds infrastructure development activities by conducting research and project establishment with a focus on socially responsible and commercially viable infrastructure projects that contribute to economic growth, social development and poverty reduction.


Through its project development and financing expertise, Ecotech provides a catalyst for the private sector to invest in sustainable infrastructure projects in Vietnam.


By providing both investment funds and expertise, Ecotech creates leadership capital in every place that it catalyses successful project development.By leaving the legacy of a powerful demonstration effect, Ecotech promotes a growing awareness of just what is possible. By providing the right leadership, Ecotech’s successes will ultimately be replicable regionally, in every place our work has touched. Ecotech’s unique model is capturing people’s imaginations and building a real bridge between private sector investors and those most in need of access to quality infrastructure.




Ecotech de-risks early stage infrastructure projects

Ecotech can funds from pre-financial-close, early stage infrastructure development activities by conducting research and project establishment.

Selection Criteria

We base our project selection criteria on three core pillars.

Co-Developing Programs

Ecotech’s Co-developing Programmes provide early stage support

Ecotech provides early-stage risk support. Additionally, Ecotech also provides the leadership and corporate governance needed to bring projects from development stage to financial close. In return for funding and assistance, Ecotech has the right to an equity stake in projects, board positions, and exit with a return on its investments.The Co-developing Programme includes project origination, pre-financial-close development, EPC management and financial structuring activities.