By 2025, the environmental industry will become an economic sector that will make an important contribution to the economy, basically meeting the needs of environmental protection in the country; step by step to export technologies, equipment, services and environmental protection products with competitive advantages.That is the objective of the project to develop Vietnam’s environmental industry by 2025 which has just been approved by the Prime Minister

The project strives to develop technologies for waste treatment, recycling, analysis, monitoring and control of environmental pollution; using sustainable technology resources and restoring the environment under the conditions of Vietnam and the world; promoting the application and commercialization of technology research and development results.

At the same time, we need to develop equipment production and products to meet basic needs of the environmental qualification, step by step towards exporting products with advantages and competitiveness; domestic production capacity meets about 70-80% of the demand for water treatment equipment and waste-water, 60-70% of the demand for solid waste treatment and recycling equipment, 70-80% of the demand for waste-water treatment equipment, about 50-60% of the demand for waste collection, transportation and classification equipment, 40-50% of the demand for environmental monitoring equipment; 60-70% of the demand for environmental protection products; 40-50% of renewable energy production equipment; 60-70% of energy-saving and energy-efficient equipment and technologies; 20-30% of renewable energy equipment and vehicles; export 20-30% of products of the environmental industry.

Development of basic environmental services to meet the needs of society for wastewater treatment, urban solid waste, industry, hazardous waste; environmental restoration of polluted areas and the need for environmental analysis and monitoring and environmental advisory services, sustainable use of natural resources and energy.

One of the solutions to develop the environmental industry that the project aims at is to build and promulgate technical standards and regulations in the field of the environmental industry, the unit price of environmental services, the investment rate according to technology in environmental treatment; the development of environmental protection technology, the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental restoration; the development of production, manufacturing and supply of environmental protection equipment, vehicles, tools and products; developing the market and attracting investment in the development of the environmental industry…

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE)