On June 5th, 2014, ECOTECH VIETNAM had a meeting with Mr Vinh Le Duc – Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee, Vice Chairman of Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee and other departments, sectors and localities to introduces BD-ALPHA solid waste incinerator. At the meeting, Mr Vinh Le Duc pronounced that the technology is suitable for local conditions in Vietnam, especially in rural areas and island communes to improve environmental sanitation; he also proposed that enterprises need to participate in bidding for this technology in Cam Lam district (due to Cam Lam district being assigned by the Provincial People’s Committee to invest waste treatment system). Besides, enterprises must work with the locality in the province to learn about the waste situation, thereby introducing BD-ALPHA solid waste incinerator to each local department. According to the presentation of Ecotech Vietnam Trading and Investment Corporation, BD-ALPHA solid waste incinerator originating from Japan was inherited, researched and improved by scientists of Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) and National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) under the actual conditions in Vietnam. BD-ALPHA waste incinerator has a processing capacity of 250-2,000 kg/h, primary chamber, secondary chamber, airflow chamber, cooling room, dust separation…; incinerator weights 28 tons; chimney heights 20 m; large slag ash compartment; capable of separating dust is above 95%. The incinerator can operate 24 hours a day with a capacity of 12-15 tons. The cost of burning 280,000 VND/ton (excluding collection fee).