The People’s Committee of Can Tho city invested in the construction of 13 small and medium capacity waste incinerators from 12 tons to 110 tons per day in O Mon, Co Do, Cai Rang districts to promote the condition of waste treatment.

In addition to the plan of Phuoc Thoi landfill (O Mon district) 400 tons /day on an area of 47 hectares, in phase 1 of the plan, 20 hectares are needed to execute incinerator, The People’s Committee of Can Tho city has installed 10 small incinerators with a total capacity of 110 tons, of which 7 incinerators each with a capacity of 12 tons/day and night in O Mon and Cai Rang districts.

Thus, on September 5, 2014, incinerators in O Mon district are eligible to receive waste for treatment to minimize air pollution and water sources at Phuoc Thoi landfill.