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As all other locations in province, daily Cho Moi district gets hundreds of tons of various household wastes but just 70% collected. In order to improve the environment conditions, “household incinerators” have been built

Constructing of the Incinerator project at Cho Moi district started in May 2015 with total area of 1’000 m2 for waste handling, yard for waste dying, fence, water tanks and other facilities. Total investment is more than 1.9 billion Vietnam dongs. The project is planned to be completed and put into operation on 15 Aug 2014.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Director of Project Management Unit of Cho Moi District Investment and Planning Department said: The waste volume is increasing that caused hygiene problems to the district and surrounding area while the waste collection capacity in the villages is limited. The remaining uncollected waste are resulting large volume of waste in the area, causing serious problems not only for landscape but also hygiene in the area. The incinerator invested by the provincial authority facilitates cleaning up the waste polluting environment.

The incinerator has clear advantages to treat the waste completely without smoke, smell and liquid waste. It has small dimension but high combustion capacity with no remaining waste and no supplementary fuel. Combustion base on the natural circulation of the martials due to temperature differences. Incinerator combustion is supported by thermal energy coming from waste combustion without any additional fuel. Another advantage is that incinerator ash will be used as fertilizer, construction additive for bricks, resentment material for road construction. Operation of incinerator is quite simple that does not require high skill of operator. It has compact design, easy to install and operate and maintain.  

The example of incinerator has been implemented as pilot projects in Cho Moi, Ba Be and Ngan Son with investment cost of 2 billion Vietnam dongs per unit. Thanks to the incinerator projects, the waste volume in Cho Moi district have been significantly reduced while ashes are used for farming purposes. It is very efficient and environment friendly.

Waste incinerator is very efficient equipment in waste processing and environment cleaning for sustainable development in the area. With its clear advances, the incinerator will soon become the solution in waste treatment for various areas in the country to keep our living environment.

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